Hotwife Bound 4

In a wild try to combine items up, Gianna’s husband entrusts Logan to teach her the art of seduction. Ivy, nervous and thrilled, anxiously awaits her initial full submission knowledge with yet another man. Hoping for her husband to step up his really like game, Angela invites him to witness her in an intense bondage fantasy calledHotwife Bound four‘. Kendra learns that even hotwives require to spice items up to hold really like and intercourse exciting.


Hotwives get way kinky in this New Sensations anthology from director Paul Woodcrest, with such scorching babes as Kendra Spade and Ivy Wolfe acquiring tied up and spanked, on leading of choking on cock and acquiring their succulent pussies heavily pounded. Yes!

And we commence off with a killer, as the usuallyincredible Kendra Spade (22, Louisiana-born/Washington-State-raised elegance) will get happily dominated by James Deen, whilst her hubby (who, of course, is totally complicit in her ”fuck-toy” therapy) is away with Ken acquiring spanked by Jimbo, her wrists tied with electrical tape and handcuffs, before the throat and twat banging begins, and it is really (just what you’d anticipate from Kendra) extreme. There really is not a negative position or moment with super Spade she’s just that wonderfullooking, horny and slutty. But … if I had to pick, I particularly dug it when Kendra’s acquiring doggie drilled on a chair (as she screams and yelps for more), regularly deepthroats/gags/chokes/drools on Deeno-dick bounces her bountiful booty/flawless fanny on Jimmy’s sausage by way of cowgirl (with Ken taking handle, for a bit, as she rides that Jimbo joint) and missionary (with Spade’s eyes frequently disappearing into the back of her skull as she loses handle throughout regular orgasms). Whew! Doesn’t get any better… other than seeing Spade-baby acquiring cornholed.

Following, DVD cover model Angela White (35, from Aussieland, and really don’t you just really like that shot of her 32GG boobies bound on the cover?) will get hammered by Mick Blue in front of her husband (who’s silent, and viewing from the perv-spective of the camera itself) although she initial will get off by sitting (and squirting) all over a vibrating contraption (that is as loud as an aircraft) afterwards letting (the ultimately arriving) Mick consider handle of the, er, controls, placing the thing on Warp 10, and acquiring her pussy even more dripping in the meantime, she’s going balls-deep with McDick (really the sight for sore eyes, particularly as she’s bound, with those hee-yoog all-natch boobies hangin’) then she crawls off the slut-doohickey and onto a sofa, with Mickey hitting her slit with a giant vibe whilst she’s in the missionary position before (Angie’s hands even now bound) he slams the screaming mimi a correct highlight in the scene becoming Mick mercilessly encounter-fucking her whilst she’s on the edge of the a sofa, upside-down, with our woman even managing to get some man-ass eating in there though it is also incredible seeing him slam that huge, jelloey butt in the doggie position, with her ass cheeks and huge tits floppin’ everywhere before (soon after many other wonderful positions) she sits on the loud, lawnmower-sounding vibrator machine as Blue blasts Mick-muck all over her mouth, slutty Angie swallowing each last drop. Damn, woman!

The gorgeous, cute, sexy, wiry fuck doll Ivy Wolfe (23, from North Carolina) does the husband-as-camera thing (as Angela did), with her very own kinky invader (her hubby’s on-screen buddy) Chad White acquiring crazy with the fox, tying up her wrists, generating her squat down on her knees and suffocate (oh so ecstatically) on his raging hard-on afterwards (a scene highlight) slamming her silly by way of doggie against a desk, which is repeated (and with even higher vigor!) on a sofa chair (more difficult and deeper) though I think my favorite is cowgirl, with Ivy really rock and rolling on that roll, as Chad intermittently spanks her, before she squats on this dick (even now throughout cowgirl!) and we get an even more incredible shot of that best Ivy tukus whilst you get a far better see of her awesome spinner’s physique throughout reverse-cowgirl Chad eventually coating Wolfe’s fairly mug (pow!) with manmanufactured frosting soon after a spirited sesh o’ mish. Great shot in the eye there, Chad!

And lastly we have the gorgeous, slinky, luscious, Gianna Dior (23, from Alabama), acquiring poked by Logan Pierce, portraying her husband’s buddy with Logan’s stringent directions (straight from hubby himself) to Gianna becoming that she be totally submissive, bound and gagged, before choking on cock and having her pussy banged by Logan’s lovestick, to which she immediately agrees highpoints undoubtedly becoming Gianna sucking dick to the bone as she’s received a collar and chain on her delicate neck (tons of amazing eye make contact with with Gee here) Dior acquiring doggied on a huge piano chair our woman goin’ nuts as she rides Pierce penis reverse-cowgirl whilst she’s even now gagged and bound and a return to doggie, with Gee moaning and groaning by way of the gag as Logan lays some Pierce piece-pipe on her horny little self Log eventually taking off the Gee-gag so that he can splooge all over her picturebest (not for long) encounter. Whew! What a workout!

From the initial fiery freakout (and one particular of my faves) with best porn specimen Kendra Spade, to the last outrage with lovely model-esque Gianna Dior — with voluptuous Angela White and (yet another favorite sequence of mine) sleek little Ivy Wolfe deliciously sandwiched in-amongst — this fab fourth volume of “Hotwife Bound” just does not quit and neither will you, till you’ve blown your load to every single one particular of these sexy, submissive, salacious sirens. Definitely worth checking out for exploring couples and hardcore pervs alike (guys remember, Kendra Spade’s in it!).